Benefits of Professionally Supervised Visitation and Exchange

Supervised visitation at Ozarks Counseling Center is based on two premises: children do best when they have reliable, ongoing relationships with both parents, and children’s emotional and physical safety must always be guaranteed.

Professional Supervisors work to ensure the visit is pleasant and facilitate opportunities for the child to have fun with the nonresidential parent.

The presence of off-duty law enforcement officers provide a safe, secure, and neutral environment for all participants. We are trained to handle emergencies and do not avoid confrontation if necessary.

Additionally, because we are not emotionally involved in the situation, we are able to ensure the child and non-residential parent can fully participate in the visit, which may not be possible during family or friend supervision.

Types of Supervised Visitation Offered

Parent-Child Playtime
Parent and child are supervised for child’s choice of activity. A wide selection of toys, art supplies, and indoor games are provided.

Neutral Exchange
Allows parents to pick up and drop off the child without direct contact with each other, minimizing conflict.

Skype Visit
Virtual supervised visitation for parents and children separated by long distances.

Therapeutic Supervision
Visitation is assisted by a highly trained counselor for situations where children are unable to visit the nonresidential parent without strong emotional response or when the parent and child have been unable to form an emotional bond due to prolonged separation or other issues.