How To Help

Last year Ozarks Counseling Center provided about $700,000 worth of counseling services to individuals and families here in the Ozarks. The vast majority of our clients are low-income and what we call the uninsured and underserved. We did this on a budget of around $300,000. What a bargain! How are we able to do this? One way is through the generous donations of local people just like you. Here are some ways you can help

Each year, individual and corporate donations, both large and small make up an important part of our budget. Ozarks Counseling Center is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization and your tax-deductible donation will help us provide counseling services to those who need them. Simply mail us a check for any amount and we will gratefully send you a receipt.

Perhaps you or your business would like to sponsor one of our fundraising events, such as our Not-So-Newlywed Game. Your sponsorship will earn certain benefits and recognition depending on your level of donation. Call the office for more information.

Estate Plans
Estate gifts are very important for securing the long-term financial stability of our agency, so that we may provide quality, affordable counseling services for generations to come. Won’t you please join us in making this possible? It may be as simple as using the following language on IRA, insurance policy, checking and savings accounts, or other beneficiary designation forms, or providing this language to your attorney for inclusion in your Will or living trust:
“I leave (% of my estate, $ amount, remainder, etc.) to Ozarks Counseling Center, Springfield, MO, to help support the mission of the agency.”
A charitable bequest may lower your estate taxes and in many cases a simple amendment to your will may not require a rewriting of your most recent will. Discuss with your attorney, banker, or accountant how to make an estate gift to Ozarks Counseling Center.

Give Stock, Save Taxes
Stocks make an excellent charitable gift to Ozarks Counseling Center because you get tax benefits. So think about making a stock gift to Ozarks Counseling Center and save on your taxes. Be sure to discuss the specific tax benefits with your broker or accountant.