What is FOCIS

FOCIS (Focus on Children in Separation) is a parent education class that offers tools and support to any parent going through divorce, negotiating separation or re-negotiating a parenting plan. The purpose of FOCIS is to provide parents with information, skills, and tools to help in dealing with the complex issues involved in separation and divorce. FOCIS classes are held at Betty & Bobby Allison Ozarks Counseling Center every other Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Zoom. The fee is $35. Clients of Legal Aid receive a discount price of $5. Advance enrollment by phone is required at (417) 869-9011.

FOCIS helps parents learn how to process the grief that comes with the loss of a relationship, to better communicate in conflict, and to negotiate on behalf of their children. In the class, parents will learn how their behavior affects their children’s adjustment and become skilled at rebuilding a new thriving family. Supplementary information is provided on community resources, using mediation, getting additional counseling, etc.


  • Teaches co-parenting skills
  • Builds positive communication between parents and children
  • Teaches coping skills for parents dealing with divorce or separation
  • Teaches parents that there is life after divorce or separation

Additional Information

FOCIS is a two-hour course which meets the requirements of 452.372 RSMO “Petition for dissolution of marriage, education sessions-alternative dispute resolution.” FOCIS is approved by the Greene County and Christian County Family courts and is listed by them as the Divorcing Parent Education Program. Pre-registration is required. A completion certificate is provided to each person who completes the course, which they can then provide to the court as proof of completion.