We currently provide individual, couple, family, and group counseling sessions. The counselor or counselors you will work with during these sessions are highly trained professionals who will discuss your issues in a compassionate, warm, and judgment-free environment. Your counselor will gather background information from you, find out what problems you want to address and work with you to develop a plan to meet your goals for change.

In Counseling You Can…

Explore the Thoughts, Behaviors, and Feelings that Cause or Add to Your Problems
Counseling can help you identify patterns of behavior, thoughts, attitudes, and feelings that cause conflict, undermine self-confidence, strain relationships or otherwise cause problems.

Develop Coping Skills
Often people feel helpless or hopeless because they lack basic coping skills. Your counselor can teach you how to reduce stress, put problems in perspective, and get through everyday conflicts and crises.

Regain a Sense of Control and Pleasure
A counselor can show you healthy ways to change the behaviors that contribute to your problems. Counseling can also help you identify constructive ways to deal with situations beyond your personal control.

Find Solutions to Life’s Problems
A counselor can show you how to manage anger, communicate your needs more clearly, negotiate for change, and sooth your own anxieties.

Gain an Objective Viewpoint
Because the counselor is not a player in the drama, he or she is an impartial observer who sees what you might not. A counselor also helps you explore every aspect of what you are going through in greater detail, and with greater perspective, than you could on your own.

Improve Communication
Counseling can help you learn to communicate more clearly and productively to prevent or resolve personal issues.

Face Unresolved Issues from the Past
Traumatic events can have an impact on people for years afterward, especially if it occurs in childhood. Counseling is a safe space to address past traumas including sexual abuse, codependency, and more.

Recover from Personal Loss
The death of a loved one, a painful divorce, or loss of a job triggers a predictable cycle of feelings including denial, bargaining, and anger. Counseling can help speed the process to peace and acceptance.

Prepare for Marriage
Couples outline their expectation of one another in specific areas such as finances, roles, and ideas on parenting. Communication and negotiation skills are emphasized.

Repair your Marriage
Counseling is a safe environment to air and resolve conflicts that can prevent partners from feeling close.

Address Parenting Issues
Problems with children are a predictable source of adult and marital stress. A counselor can help spot unproductive behavioral patterns and provide ideas on how to parent more effectively.

Address Addiction and/or Codependence
A counselor can provide a non judgmental perspective in evaluating whether a substance abuse problem exists, and if so, provide support to make changes.


Counseling sessions are 50 minutes long. Appointments are available during the following times:

Monday thourgh Thursday from 9 am to 7 pm
Fridays from 9 am to 3 pm
Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm (noon)